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As you all know, there have been an inordinate number of notable (and bizarre) deaths in the last few weeks.  In keeping with the recently popular death tributes here at SoD, I wanted to celebrate a death that some of us remember quite fondly.  The death of disco.  It was thirty years ago last Sunday that disco died at a Chicago White Sox game in center field of Comiskey Park.  The ensuing riot caused the  White Sox to forfeit the second half of the day’s doubleheader.  It remains the last American League game to be forfeited.

Pay particular attention to the local Chicago news guy and his interview of disco murderer, DJ Steve Dahl.  (Between 3:14 and 4:00 on the clip below)


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In the midst of this summer of discontent that the 2009 D’backs’ season, there is a glimmer of hope for the D’backs, a silver lining to Chris Young’s .174 batting average: If you sing semi-popular and outdated rock songs, they will come.

The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been the annual baseball summer concert series.  America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers.  It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again.  But the summer baseball concert series has marked the time. This field, this game; these semi-popular rock acts: they are a part of our past.  They remind us of all that once was good and that it could be again.  Oh… people will come, Ray.  People will most definitely come.


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I am sure you have heard it by now.  Creed is back together for a 2009 summer tour.  Rumors also suggest the possibility of a new derivative album in the works.  I know what you’re thinking, the music scene was really missing shitty late 90’s-ish alt/post-grunge bands.

Oh my god!  I love Nickel Doors of Staind Mudd!

Oh my god! I love Nickel Doors of Staind Mudd!

Until Creed announced this reunion, fans were stuck with Nickelback, Three Doors Down, Puddle of Mudd, Seether, Staind, Alter Bridge (we will get to them in a second), Daughtry, Hinder, Godsmack, the band formerly known as Alice in Chains, the band formerly known as Smashing Pumpkins, the bizarre career choices of Chris Cornell….well you get the point.

The horrors, unfortunately, don’t stop with the Creed reunion.  Check out this butterfly effect.  A while back Bob Plant made the respectable and classy decision to refrain from reuniting with the Zep for an epic cash grab a new tour.  No problems there, right?  Wrong.  This set off a chain reaction whereby JPJ and Jimmy Page decided they would do a Zep tour anyway — to hell with Plant.  This alone is horrible.  No one wants to see Karaoke Zeppelin.

To compound the horrors, JPJ and Page are interested in Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy for the role of Karaoke Plant.  Of course, this a-hole isn’t turning down Zeppelin.  (So long, Alter Bridge.  This is the only silver lining in this story).  The remaining members of Alter Bridge are left with no choice but to reunite with Eddie Vedder-wannabe, Jim Morrison-wannabe, Jesus Christ-wannabe, Scott Stapp for a NEW CREED TOUR!!!!

To recap:  we could have gotten a Zeppelin tour (albeit a washed-up Zep) but instead we got Karaoke Zeppelin and Creed.  Honestly, I wish I could choose none of the above.

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Local radio song parodies are the best.  Two dudes with a Casio, a karaoke machine, and a dream.

Madonna dont do no six verses.

Madonna don't do no six verses.


These dreamers chose “American Pie” (the non-Jason Biggs affiliated version for you youngsters).  Of course, this isn’t the most inspired selection.  Madonna has already done a parody cover of this song as recently as 2000.

Weird Al must be rolling over in his grave.  (Wait…what did you say?  Weird Al is not dead?  Are you sure?  No, really — he’s alive?  Somebody get Tommy Mottola on the phone.)

You know you are anxiously awaiting the Eat It! remastered Japanese edition to be released.

You know you are anxiously awaiting the "Eat It!" remastered Japanese edition to be released.

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Recently an upstanding citizen (who will remain nameless – to protect the guilty) was denied entry into a third-rate dancehall based on his attire.  The offending garb: a plain white t-shirt.  Shocked?  You shouldn’t be.   There is silent war being waged on the white t-shirt.  Here are the facts. (more…)

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