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As you all know, there have been an inordinate number of notable (and bizarre) deaths in the last few weeks.  In keeping with the recently popular death tributes here at SoD, I wanted to celebrate a death that some of us remember quite fondly.  The death of disco.  It was thirty years ago last Sunday that disco died at a Chicago White Sox game in center field of Comiskey Park.  The ensuing riot caused the  White Sox to forfeit the second half of the day’s doubleheader.  It remains the last American League game to be forfeited.

Pay particular attention to the local Chicago news guy and his interview of disco murderer, DJ Steve Dahl.  (Between 3:14 and 4:00 on the clip below)



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If you listen to the radio at all you have probably heard those OnStar commercials where they play live calls from people using OnStar in an emergency.  But, maybe you haven’t noticed the disturbing escalation of the emergency calls they are choosing.  That’s why they pay me the big bucks.  I notice these things.

The original commercials usually had a recording of some “funny” problem where someone locked their keys or cellphone (or dog) in the car.  It was all laughs and harmless anecdotes.  It made you feel good inside.  Then all of the sudden the people down at OnStar apparently got restless.  Out went the lighthearted commercials and in came the steadily increasing tragedy.


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Local radio song parodies are the best.  Two dudes with a Casio, a karaoke machine, and a dream.

Madonna dont do no six verses.

Madonna don't do no six verses.


These dreamers chose “American Pie” (the non-Jason Biggs affiliated version for you youngsters).  Of course, this isn’t the most inspired selection.  Madonna has already done a parody cover of this song as recently as 2000.

Weird Al must be rolling over in his grave.  (Wait…what did you say?  Weird Al is not dead?  Are you sure?  No, really — he’s alive?  Somebody get Tommy Mottola on the phone.)

You know you are anxiously awaiting the Eat It! remastered Japanese edition to be released.

You know you are anxiously awaiting the "Eat It!" remastered Japanese edition to be released.

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