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As you have probably heard, Oscar Mayer is dead at 95.  You may not know that long ago, to protect the innocent, he decided to use a pseudonym for his products — Oscar Meyer.  Not the most creative guy when it comes to pseudonyms but I digress.

Excuse me, arent you Oscar Meyer?  No.  Im Oscar MAYER.  Its a common mistake.  I am actually quite poor and unsuccessful and an unworthy target of your robbery attempt.

"Excuse me, aren't you Oscar Meyer?" For heaven's sake, no. I'm Oscar MAYER. It's a common mistake. I am actually quite poor and unsuccessful, and an unworthy target of your robbery attempt.

Outside of the Mayer/Meyer thing, I have found that the recent report of his death generally evokes one of three reactions:

(1) Oscar Meyer is a real guy?

(2) Oscar Meyer was still alive?

(3) I can’t believe God waited this long to finally found out what they put in bologna.

For the record, I felt all three.  So here’s to you Oscar.  May you ascend to heaven in a hot dog chariot with bologna wings.

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The hits just keep coming for the Nationals — just not on the field.  After several misspelling debacles highlighted by this gaff, the Nationals decided to take a run at a Presidential legend this Memorial Day weekend.  Is this yet another gross error or an intentional publicity stunt to poke fun at their recent spelling problems?  I will let you be the judge of that.  I do know one thing: the world is that much sweeter with the Washington Nationals in it.

Teddy Rossevelt: A Natinal Hero

Teddy Rossevelt: A Natinal Hero

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Following this weekends draft one this is clear . . . Al Davis is bat shit crazy.  He passed on the best two receivers in the draft because Darrius Heyward-Bey had 4.3 second 40 yard dash time at the combine.  Most experts had Heyward-Bay listed as the 4th best receiver available, behind Crabtree and Maclin.  Now reasonable minds can disagree and debate the qualities of Crabtree vs. Maclin and which will make a better NFL receiver, but come on Al.  Really?  Drafting a receiver based almost solely on his 40 time at the combine?

Do Not Look Directly at the Sea Monster.

Do not look directly at the Sea Monster, but get the hell off of his lawn ... now, punk.

If you follow the NFL, you know Al has been bat shit crazy for quite sometime: calling press conferences to fire coaches, moving the Raiders from Oakland to LA then back to Oakland, wearing track suits all the time, etc.  The Career Sgt. has a theory on what is going on with Al.


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The “Natinal” Pastime

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  One of those words is not, unfortunately, “Nationals.”

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Pretty Sneaky Ovechkin

Apparently Washington Capitals winger Alex Ovechkin was removed from a recent New York Rangers practice during the midst of the Caps-Rangers 1st round playoff series. Sources say the Rangers asked Ovechkin to leave after they saw through his clever disguise:


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