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Consider Scott Howard Firmly in the Earl Clark Camp

Consider Scott Howard Firmly in the Earl Clark Camp

Now that I’m a Suns season ticket holder for the first time I feel a bit of extra investment in the team and their moves – basically I don’t want them to completely suck this year.  The Shaq move was good, and I’m hoping they don’t deal Amare but to be completely serious,  I don’t expect title contention, but 48 wins and a 6 seed wouldn’t be a ridiculous request.

In Thursday’s NBA Draft the Suns added Louisville SF/PF Earl Clark.  For those of you unfamilar with Clark he’s apparently a mercurial talent who can be every bit as good as he is allegedly apathetic about the game.  The book on Clark is that he’s a 6’9 tweener who handles the ball like a guard, can rebound, and is extremely athletic.  The bad news is he doesn’t appear to have the greatest “motor” (which is white-speak for “he isn’t Tyler Hansborough), lacks consistency, focus, and mental toughness.  Admittedly those aren’t the prime qualities you’re looking for in a lottery pick – but from most reports Clark was a top-5 talent in this draft.  He averaged 14 points and 9 rebounds for a very tough Lousville team.  (more…)

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