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Remember When You Wanted Both Of Us to Start?  We sure showed you.
Per AZCentral (our new twitter friend), via the USA Today – former ASU QB and cup-throwing distance champion Sam Keller is suing the NCAA and EA Sports. In his suit, Keller claims that EA Sports video games go too far in how they represent college player likenesses.

Apparently being the third-string quarterback for a team in the now-on-hiatus Arena Football League (Los Angeles Avengers), while playing behind some guy named Tim Hicks and the 4th best quarterback in the last 8 years from Texas Tech (Sonny Cumbie), doesn’t pay the bills. It’s definitely real nice to see that Keller’s doing well for himself though. Like they always say, the first sign that your life is going to be a train wreck is when you lose a job to Rudy Carpenter (“they” say that right?).


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