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Got your attention didn’t I?  Now I’ll be honest with you…yes all 5 of you reading this post, the title is a shameless attempt at getting traffic to the site, but we need to do something.  So with that…

As a Suns fan I’ve had the pleasure of watching a 36 year-old Grant Hill get up and down the floor the last 2 seasons.  Hill has been decent for the Suns and will occasionally show flashes of what he once was.  With every flash I think back to his Pistons days, which in turn leads me to remember some other 90’s players whose greatness can only be captured by YouTube and our memories.  So just sit back and enjoy these 5 videos of some of my favorites (starting with Mr. Hill himself):

Grant Hill:

As discussed.  The dunk at the :17 mark is a favorite, in case you aren’t paying attention he’s dunking over multiple Bullets, including 7’7 Gheorghe Muresan.


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