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Phil doesn't have time for Pussies

Phil doesn't have time for Pussies

Two weeks ago at the Champions Dinner prior to the Masters, former Arizona State Sun Devil golfer Phil Mickelson was reportedly overheard having the following exchange with Nick Faldo (as cribbed by Dogs that Chase Cars via The Scotsman):

Mickelson (loud enough for everyone to hear): “Gee Nick, I didn’t realize that you are such a big guy. How come you used to hit it so short?”

Faldo: “Listen Phil, when you shoot 19 under par to win the Open at St Andrews you can start giving me a hard time.”

Mickelson: “I understand that. But how come you hit it like such a pussy?”

Faldo: “I played golf the proper way.”

Mickelson: “Yeah, like my wife.”

What a fun little exchange that must have been. There has been no confirmation yet as to if Mickelson followed his verbal haymakers by attempting to stuff the British-born Faldo in a garbage can, locker, or toilet. Stay tuned.


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